Made in Equality is a storytelling platform that is changing the narrative for the apparel industry by humazing garment workers in Bangladesh. This is a first of its kind project that aims to generate public interest in improving the RMG industry by bringing focus to the lives of garment workers. Stories are told from a personal point of view of the workers. Made in Equality is created by WebAble – a leading digital agency in Bangladesh and supported by the C&A Foundation – a corporate foundation working to fundamentally transform the fashion industry.

Our Mission

Garment workers and others in the industry are a vital life force in Bangladesh. Made in Equality shows these individuals in a way which they have not been seen before. We believe that there is an opportunity to transform how the public perceives garment workers, factory managers, and others, and that this can lead to public advocacy on their behalf and greater consideration by consumers of their role in the garment industry.

Our Values

 Equality is more than a right, it’s a truth.

Render the garment industry more transparent.

The stories behind the industry

Provide recognition and respect to industry workers and enable their voices and opinions to be heard.

Our Program

This initiative is supported by C&A Foundation, with a vision to change the way the world perceives garment workers. The apparel industry touches 150 million lives around the world, influencing economies, shaping livelihoods and transforming marginalized workers into active global citizens. C&A Foundation works to ensure the rights of workers, making them resilient and empowering them to a future of equality.

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